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Do Not Choose Nirvana ! ! If you.....

Do Not Choose Nirvana!

If you do not know "Planning for Love"

"Planning for Love" is a responsibility

"Planning for Love" is a concern

"Planning for Love" is a return

"Planning for Love" must be given action

For your parents and elders

For you and your partner

Choose your afterlife sanctuary

Choose the final farewell ceremony

Of course, most people choose to escape this "Planning for Love" !

Because this problem will never happen?

Or when it occurred, we leave the problem to our family to deal with!

Or due to financial burden, so after it happened only then will we have the ability to solve the "financial burden"?

Or was that we think during the incident occurred only we solve it would be better than pre-planning and therefore more cost effective?

Please have a good understanding of "Planning for Love"!

If you truly love your parents and your spouse, then you should learn more about “Planning for Love”

Choose a good place, a good environment, which will be convenient for descendants to visit in the future, at any time to worship.

And then consider the business and management, whether there is credibility and whether the values?

And then to understand the quality of service commissioners, industry knowledge, attitude, mentality and personality is reliable?

"Planning for Love",

You can master the sovereignty; there would be peaceful discussions to make the best decision, and to avoid the conflict of opinions that would destruct your relationships among your family members.

To face it face it calmly, attain satisfactory decisions, thus to avoid children rush to make hasty choices.

Make good arrangements; make clear account.

Inherit spirit of love continuity, filial piety, to avoid upset and loss.

Lock the price earlier, save more money by avoiding price inflation which will inflict additional burden.

Do pre-planning to be carefree, and avoid other people from exploiting our family in order to arrange our afterlife ceremony and sanctuary.

Choose to pay in advance, interest-free installment, to avoid a one-time payoff burden.

Choose pre-planning which is transparent in prices, thus avoiding exploitation, and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

It is always better to have a plan than no plan at all

Please share, if you are not agree!

Please call us,if you are Agree

Nirvana Service Care Line

Selangor / KL -019-9130013

Penang -012-4011217

Johor -016-7171320

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