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Chinese Ancestral Tablet



神木占用任何传统的中国家庭祭坛的中心位置。它是表示观察孝顺的神圣物品。在涅槃纪念祖先牌位, 尤其对夫妇都没有时间参加这些仪式崇拜谁。


富贵山庄 《神主牌位》

  • 将各尊神主牌位或先人灵位供奉于恢弘优雅的礼佛圣殿。

  • 供奉与祭拜空间内,规划有体贴入微的配套服务于舒适空间

  • 牌位,灵位之供奉区域定时播放唱经文,飘送淡雅清香。

  • 追思祭拜所需之祭品,纸供,香花。。均可预订或现场采购。

  • 为顾全生殁两安,现场提供24小时保安及清洁管理服务。


The Features of Tang Villa Ancestral Tablet

  • Dedicated:chanting of mantra at 1st day of every month of the Lunar Calendar .There is dedicated chanting of mantra to conduct the chanting ceremony at 1st day of every month of the Lunar Calendar.

  • Limited 1,000 units Ancestral TabletProducts are exclusive with limited units, as only 1,000 of Ancestral Tablet are available.

  • Luxurious & Elegant Memorial Hall to enshrine Ancestor TabletLuxurious & Elegant Memorial Hall to enshrine Ancestor Tablet and definitely a   place

  • Strategic LocationLocated at Shah Alam, and takes 15 minutes from Petaling Jaya, Puchong and Klang.  Convenience for family members and next-of-kin to pay their respect.


An ambience of respect and reverence

It is a place for an ambience of paying respect and reverence and respect towards the ancestors.


24-hour security and perpetual maintenance

There is 24-hour security service and perpetual maintenance to ensure total peace of mind.

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