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Nirvana Penang West Lake Garden Kek Lok Si


Penang’s Kek Lok Si earns its noble reputation as a spiritual home that cares for the needy. Following the purchase of the West Lake land, Kek Lok Si takes pride in offering cremation services for the devotees. All proceeds from the memorial services will go towards a charity and welfare trust for the construction of an old folk home and orphanage.

Nirvana salutes Kek Lok Si’s undivided diligence in blessing the needy and has now joined forces with the temple to create an ideal final resting place for the departing souls through the West Lake columbarium. The proceeds from the cremation services will be dedicated to the welfare of the underprivileged senior citizens, orphans and other charitable projects, in the name of benevolence.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang)’s West Lake Garden nestles on the foothill of Kek Lok Si Temple, of the Pearl of the Orient. The establishment is embraced by fetching mountains and charming rivers that conjure up a picturesque ambience. It rides on the luxury of nature given its strategic location that bonds with its natural surroundings. The memorial park exudes the vibrancy of lush mountains and eternal water flow, which is the very essence of Chinese landscape design. The columbarium is coated with ivory white to emanate the grandeur and nobility of the architecture, as if a utopia existed with the help of god, where the departed call it home, in the arms of nature.

High up in the mountains, the echoes of Buddhism mantra resonate with pleasant chirps from the woods, where butterflies help spread the good vibes alongside the tolling bells. Feel the warmth and serenity of the environment as you remember your loved one. This is a place filled with such a dignity yet being resplendent.

*All income generated by Kek Lok Si Temple will go towards the development of the shelter homes for the underprivileged senior citizens, orphans and other charitable projects.

Nirvana Penang West Lake Garden location at Google Maps


此項計劃也配合各地設立骨灰靈位之經驗,并應用現代專業知識,確保環境舒適與健康,從而推動生命關懷,締造服務人群指標。 極樂寺長遠的悲願與慈心,為造福人群的那份不遺餘力用心,讓富貴集團深受感動,因而決定以合資的模式打造一個讓逝者安,生者靜的西湖園骨灰殿。極樂寺承諾將西湖園骨灰殿所取得之全部收入資助靜養院及護幼院等慈善計劃,結合愛心為生命圓夢。


Western Three Saint Columbarium

The luxurious columbarium adopts a clever mix of ancient and modern architectural hues. Consequently, the development showcases the aesthetic appeal of both worlds. From design concept to materials sourcing and construction, every process embodies the diligence and intelligence of the architects. The glittering finish further raises the elegance of the columbarium. With the kind-looking Goddess of Mercy emanating endless blessings, feel the warm attachment and a strong sense of tranquility as you pay homage to your loved one.

White Perfection Columbarium

The very design of the columbarium at West Lake Garden draws inspiration from the concept of ‘white is the colour of perfection’. More precisely, white represents cleanliness, innocence and modesty. By using white as its fundamental colour, it reflects purity, light, faithfulness and holiness. Through this, life gets sublimated, purified and set free, spiritually. The columbarium takes pure white predominantly in its appearance. Every floor and row are established in an orderly manner to perfectly match the exquisitely crafted white roof featuring amazing art forms. This suggests nobility and purity go hand in hand as depicted in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss where peace and harmony come together. This marks a dignified final resting place by uplifting the ‘spirit of life’ with such a great honour.


設計豪華尊貴的五星級骨灰殿,采用古現代建築構思,融合古今之美,從整體的設計到選材、施工的每一個步驟,都是設計師累計多年建築的巧思妙想下,催生而成。 金光璀璨、典雅裝潢的設計,矗立著慈祥肅穆的觀音菩薩聖像,散發莊嚴寧靜的氣息,讓訪客在追思之際,倍感舒適,充份展現生者安、逝者靜的身心安寧境界。


西湖苑骨灰殿的頂樓設計以“白璧無瑕”為主題,採用代表潔白、純真及樸素的白色色系,體現純淨、光明、堅貞及神聖的含義;以清淨無邪的佛法為理念,塑造淨無瑕穢之境界,使生命得到昇華、淨化及解脫。 以純白為主的骨灰閣,每層排列有序,搭配樓頂精雕細刻的白色華美圖案,形成了一幅幅壯麗的白玉壁畫,在金碧輝煌的蓮花雕塑相互襯托下,構造出清幽典雅的環境,盡顯純淨高貴,象征西方極樂世界的祥和與殊勝,亦為生命莊嚴的最終歸宿。先人長眠於此,與有榮焉

Ancestral Tablet


The tradition of placing an ancestral tablet at home is passed down from generation to generation in a typical Chinese home. The ancestral tablet serves as a symbol of remembrance and reverence as family members pay homage to their ancestors.

An ancestral tablet forms the pivotal point of a household, reminding family members of their ancestors’ existence and bonding all the family units together through a bloodline originating from time immemorial.

However, this tradition has been ignored due to the pressure of a fast-paced city lifestyle, attitude changed and space limitation in modern homes. Nevertheless, Nirvana is reviving the tradition of remembrance and commemoration through the presentation of Ancestral Tablets at Nirvana Memorial Park.






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