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Tomb 生基风水

Pre-need Tomb   生基风水

It comes with numerous blessings for all. In the ancient Chinese utilized the concept of ” pre-need Tomb ” to change their pre-destined fare and fortune.



What is Pre-need Tomb?

Pre-need Tomb is literally means ” the foundation of life ” which the people erect their grace tomb in advance while they still alive. Pre-need Tomb reversed hapless lot into prosperous fate by blending the energy of 5-element and characters related the one’s date of birth and the geographical magnetic force with one’s meritorious deeds. In Chinese, Pre-need Tomb is also called ” Sheng Ji ”



Benefits of Pre-need Tomb Erection    做生基的好处

The customers live on today and Chinese in Malaysia are fond of making use of principle of ” Sheng Ji ” to help evoke blessings of achievements, longevity, and prosperity upon themselves and families. The whole idea is by erecting pre-need tomb; one’s bad destiny is reversed and is turned into a prosperous one.




  • Abundant blessing to health and longevity.       丰富的健康和长寿的祝福。

  • Bring luck and fortunes in career and family.    带来好运,事业和家庭的财富。

  • Wealth and prosperity to next generations.       下一代的财富和繁荣。

Tomb 生基风水

Product Location 产品位置

Penang Nirvana Memorial Garden

- Tomb 生基风水

Semenyih Nirvana Memorial Garden

- Tomb 生基风水

Shah Alam Nirvana Memorial Garden

Tomb 生基风水

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