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Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden Only In Malaysia at Semenyih, Selangor

富贵宠物墓园 全马唯一只在士毛月,雪州

Nirvana Pet Block G Urn Compartment (New Launch)
富贵宠物骨灰閣 G (全新推出)

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My Beloved,

  Remember those times when we are all alone. watching TV, having dinner or just feeling moody. Who have always been there to cheer us up? Just thier lively presence can surely brighten up one's day.

  They have always been by our side without asking for anything in return. As one of the family members, their companionship has given us years of joy and love that is irreplaceable.





A gift of love for your "Companionship"

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, a beautiful memorial which is complimented by verdant ambience and sublime serenity for our beloved pet to rest in peace. It is indeed a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of perfection that only the unending love between you and your pet could match.



Nirvana Pet Cremation Funeral Package (For Dogs & Cats only)

This is an exclusive service offering a one-stop funeral facility for your beloved pet. This exclusively designed and caring service can bring for the pet owner a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet & ashe collection






Pet Memorial Garden 宠物墓园

Nirvana Pet Cremation & Memorial Garden  Location


NV Pet Cremation Services from RM899
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