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Nirvana Semenyih Columbarium


Nirvana urns/ ashes urn compartment is a structure with compartment or niches (small spaces) for placement of ashes or cremated remains in urns. In Nirvana Asia LTD  Nirvana Malaysia / NVAsia Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia, each urns/ ashes urn compartment are unique design with space for individual stela. It is a spacious and comfortable resting place which is in harmony with a peaceful environment of great splendor and serenity. The departed will be able to rest peacefully while their descendants acquire abundance of prosperity, health, longevity and great fortune.


There are superb choices of single, double, or family compartment at affordable prices for choices and also caters the needs for the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian, Catholic etc.

Nirvana Chinese Dynasty Columbarium




Chinese Dynasty Columbarium is crafted from finest imported materials and fully air-conditioned, and oversees a serene and restful lake surrounded by verdant growth looking out to a breathtaking peaceful panorama in the far horizon. Each of the ten columbaria blocks is specially designed to project imperial grandeur and named respectfully after ten great ancient Chinese emperors: Han Gao Zu Hall, Han Wu Di Hall, Liang Wu Ti Hall, Tang Tai Zong Hall, Song Gao Zong Hall, Genghis Khan Hall, Yuan Shi Zu Hall, Ming Tai Zu Hall, Kang Xi Hall and Qian Long Hall. All are eminent emperors in the illustrious history of ancient China. Consecration of a dignified closure at Chinese Dynasty Columbaria helps to perpetuate the legacy of filial piety and is expected to bring infinite blessings and abundance to future generations.

Oriental Villa Columbarium








Be thrilled by the extravagance of the columbarium, which houses the golden compartments for placing the urns of the departed. All the compartments are orderly placed to provide a graceful and comfortable impression the very moment you enter the columbarium. Most importantly, the columbarium is thoughtfully designed to emanate a strong sense of respect and dignity that the departed soul deserves.

The columbarium adopts the ancient Chinese architecture design to complement the eternal homeland of the departed. This is a tranquil final resting place that offers absolute peace. Every compartment carries a pair of elegantly designed doors when once opened, a light shines, thus rendering a very special honour to the departed soul.

This very distinguished columbarium boasts a proud list of credentials from designing to materials sourcing and workmanship. It is a result of endless outstanding diligence. As a matter of fact, the columbarium can only house a limited number of compartments to answer the demands. Therefore, grab the opportunity to own one of these treasured slots.


全新推出 - 桃源古鎮2





Newly Launched Columbarium -Oriental Villa 2


Oriental Villa 2 draws on the distinctive beauty of the ancient Chinese architecture, which is full of elegance in moderation, resplendent yet harmonious in nature and the quaint charm. It is an art of fusing the classic flavor and the essence of contemporary aesthetics together for an unrivalled panorama. The breathtaking vista that opens up right before your very eyes lifts your mind and spirit to a new realm of sensation. The interior captivates your heart with a luxurious feel evidenced by the magnificent craftsmanship of golden-dazzling appearance. This is a top-notch facility presented through a systematic layout, spacious and bright design. The deluxe columbarium is harmonized with a strong sense of stateliness at the same time to the excude nobility of its “residents” .

Christian Columbarium 






The artistic Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of Christian bereavement care architectural design unlike any ohter in market. It showcases a unique style that eudes a distinctive Christian character, one that gets the best of both worlds: refined, exquisite designs and contemporary ideas.


The quaint facade reinforces the serene, Christian identity as a whole new chapter in the masterly shapes and shades of Christtian columbarium is thus unveiled.

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