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Nirvana Announcement

Effective from 01/04/2018, the #AsNeedFuneralServicePackage (FSP) promotion offer will cease and selling at normal package price.

Effective from 01/05/2018, for those Pre-Planning Nirvana FSP Promotion Offer Price will increase Rm3K - Rm5K, the purchaser shall only be permitted to exercise and utilize the Pre-Need FSP after 30 days from the confirmed sales date.

For those customer intended Pre-Planning Nirvana FSP Promotion Offer before 01 May 2018. Nirvana Care Service @ 019-9130013 WhatsApp :

Nirvana Funeral Package Pre-Planning Price & Payment Details :

NV Honour (Buddhist / Toaist) Package Price RM43,800 Pre-Planning Offer RM31,800 Down Payment RM6,360 Free Interest Installment 36 months RM707

NV Elegant (Buddhist / Toaist) Package Price RM30,800 Pre-Planning Offer RM22,500 Down Payment RM4,500 Free Interest Installment 36 months RM500

NV Gracious (Christian / Catholic / SGM) Package Price RM21,800 Pre-Planning Offer RM15,800 Down Payment RM3,160 Free Interest Installment 36 months RM352

NirvanaMemorialParkAnnoucement Effective from 01/05/2018, i) Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur Price increase RM1K II) Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih -NV Imperial 1 & 2 -NV Majestic 1 & 2 Price increase 10%

富贵关怀服务通告 富贵圆满服务契约将于01/04/2018 起,即用富贵圆满服务契约优惠取消。 即用富贵圆满服务契约将採用原价。

#事前规划富贵圆满服务契约也将于01/05/2018调整RM3K至RM5K。 敬请有意事前规划,可来电询问詳情 : 019-9130013。 WhatsApp :

富贵圆满服务契约预购优惠价与付款詳情 :

富贵如意 (彿教/ 道教) 配套价格 : RM43,800 事前规划优惠 : RM31,800 首期 : RM6,360 免息供期36个月 : RM707

富贵安祥 (彿教/ 道教) 配套价格 : RM30,800 事前规划优惠 : RM22,500 首期 : RM4,500 免息供期36个月 : RM500

富贵聖恩 (基督教/ 天主教 / 创价学会) 配套价格 : RM21,800 事前规划优惠 : RM15,800

首期 : RM3,160 免息供期36个月 : RM352

#富贵山荘通告 #富贵集团将于01/05/2018调整价格 : i) #富贵生命館吉隆坡骨灰位调涨RM1K ii) #富贵山荘世处桃源 -NV Imperial 1 & 2 -NV Majestic 1 & 2 调漲 10%

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