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一份” 爱的规划” A "Love Planning"









如 果生老病死是无可避免的生命现象,那么冷静地为将来做规划就有其必要性了。为自己规划是责任, 爱心的延继。为父母规划, 爱

意回饋, 让父毌知道百年归老后有所依归, 安身所在。

” 爱的规划”就是預先把身後事,通過自己的主權与家人彼此商量,在生前就安排得一清二楚。在” 爱的规划”下,當事人生前就決定自己往生時所享有的一份尊容及避免通貨膨脹的衝擊, 提前支付, 节省经费,免息分期付款,早作準備,免後顧之憂,免除家人在面對失去摯愛,不知所措,手忙脚乱, 心烦意乱, 意见沖突, 任由摆佈, 仓促决定, 额外负担, 消耗经费, 劳心劳力的重重打擊。

I still remember…… I was child

Mum and Dad were always there accompany me……..

When i was no well……..

When my body covered with dirt……..

I am always fresh and pleasant……..

I always been under unconditional care and love……..

For those love still can said, still can do, it could be ‘A Love Planning’

No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. In many families, discussing one’s death is an extremely uncomfortable topic or just a taboo. But the truth is that it is a topic that we cannot avoid at all and should be open to discussion. The good news is that “Love Planning” can always be planned well in advance for a number of benefits.

By “Love Planning” your farewelll, you relieve your family of having to deal with certain critical decisions especially those revolving around the financial matters in a time of great stress and grief - a time when people are not thinking very clearly and may not know what to do because they never made their wishes known.

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